Green Tea Benefits

According to the 2007 US Department of Agriculture Database, which compares nearly 400 foods for their flavonoid content, green tea contains the highest level of antioxidants amongst fruits and vegetables. ONE gram of green tea contains 127 milligrams of antioxidants, equivalent to the amount of antioxidants found in 500 grams of red wine and 1000 grams of apples!

Think about it!

Antioxidants keep free radicals at bay and perform healing at the deepest cellular level. Here are just a small selection of the health benefits it brings:

* Burn fat
* Improve exercise stamina
* Soothe stress
* Boost brain power. Improve concentration
* Boost immunity
* Prevent and treat cancer, diabetes & cholesterol
* Protect from heart attack and stroke
* Skin protector
* Staving off dementia
* Anti aging
* Reduce tooth decay
* Build bones

Many doctors urge us to drink more tea because it is safe and cost effective to get your share of antioxidants.

Note on Caffeine:
If you are worried about the caffeine content of tea, opt for the decaffeinated varieties...they provide the same health benefits without keeping you up all night.